Our Reviews

“I can confirm that I’ve tried every colour stripper available from the drugstore/chemist a nothing compares to this one !!! I cannot recommend this product enough if you want to change your hair colour without the bleach.“

– Chloetheweirdo

“Colourless Max is making it easier for everyone by having this product. If you’re not happy with the current color hair you have, you should try it. It removes almost all the color I have prior to and leave my hair color back to original color.“

– A.y.a72

“I’d tried many hair colour strippers before, most leaving my hair dry and the same colour. This is the first product to actually get my hair back to its natural colour as possible. I went from black hair to a nice darkish brown and I was so surprised how well it worked. A bonus is that it didn’t dry my scalp or ruin my fine hair like almost all the other drugstore ones had done in the past.“

– Pigeonof

“Colourless Max Effect was perfect to wash out those pesky old hair dye and make my hair appear as one colour, mimicking a healthier softer hair. The instructions were clear to follow, the product was easy to use and certainly not difficult to wash off. After my hair dried and I observed my hair in the natural light I would have to say it is as if I have not dyed my hair! I see no residual hair dye and it certainly looks like the rest of my natural hair colour!“

– Annyex

Before you colour,

go Colourless.